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Sun Sep 2, 2007 10:00 AM Salmon Hike: Henry Cowell / Rincon Road
(Loma Prieta Sierra Singles:

Feeling adventurous? Want to get away from the heat? Here's something unusual and fun: we'll park at the Rincon Road turnout, hike a little way downhill, then brave the crawdad-infested waters of the San Lorenzo River as we hike/wade/swim (according to preference and local conditions) about 2 miles up the middle of the river (that's 14 miles in dog years) to the scenic spot called the Garden of Eden, then return along the railroad tracks. This section of the river runs through a boulder-strewn canyon. There are some slow-moving deep sections with sandy bottom, and some parts where the water pours swiftly over large rocks. It's possible to go most of the way rock-hopping along the banks, and only crossing occasionally, but the leader plans to stay in the water as much as possible, only getting out when the current is too strong. Come prepared! This hike will be much easier if you just plan on getting thoroughly wet. Bring: lunch (in waterproof packaging), water, suitable hiking/wading attire (swimsuit + sunscreen?), amphibious footwear (Tevas, river-walking shoes, or just old sneakers with good tread), piranha repellent (optional), and a sense of adventure. Don't bring: anything that shouldn't get wet (unless protected against water: Mr. Plastic Zipper-Bag is your friend). Also don't bring: dogs. While the locals are known to bring their dogs to play in the river, they're officially not allowed in the water in the state park, and, when we're an official Sierra Club group, we'd better follow the rules. Return time depends on the speed of the slowest upriver hiker; we could be back at the carpool point any time between 4:00 and 6:30. Meet at carpool point #8.

Directions to LPSS carpool point #8 (Homestead Square in Cupertino): Exit 280 onto Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd (De Anza Blvd) towards Sunnyvale (north). First left on Homestead. Shopping center is on left side. Pass RiteAid and the PW Market, and continue to the north end of the shopping center. Park along the Homestead side, near Carl's Jr.

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