Eric Wilner
(Silicon Gulch Gumby)

So what's an "eclectical engineer?"

As anyone with a penchant for twisting the English language might expect from the title, my "engineering" (loosely defined) covers a wide and untidy range of fields.
I have more years than I care to admit of experience in embedded systems design and implementation, including digital, analog, and RF aspects, using processors from 6502 and 8085 to 68000 to ARM7 and AVR, including one case of an AVR MCU implemented within a Spartan 6 FPGA.
I've also done a little bit of mechanical design, and can use a lathe and vertical mill in a pinch.

In my copious free time, I play at farming, go for hikes as opportunity allows, make strange costumes to wear to science fiction conventions (or any other excuse), and play with computers.

I can be e-mailed at
You can try phoning me at (408)655-4544, no earlier than 0600 nor later than 2000 Eastern time. This is my cellphone, and I'll usually answer if I'm in a place where there's a signal (which is usually the case nowadays; we have better coverage here in the boonies than we did back in Silicon Valley).

If you want to find me in person, check out these upcoming events. I make no promises here about actually showing up for any of these, you understand, but they may at least be of interest.

For more frequently updated status, see my blog.


Selected photos from the Spring 2000 desert camping trip may be seen online here.