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These are events where I may likely be found, or which may be of interest. In some cases, I'm the organizer. Others are run by other people or organizations, and some just happen all by themselves. Generally, they're somewhere around the San Francisco Bay Area, especially the south end.

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Note: if you got here via a search engine, you may have been looking for something that's already gone past. In this case, you can check the archive.

Fri Apr 13, 2029 Asteroid-Watching Hike

There's another possible asteroid impact on the long-range forecast. This is one to watch from a safe distance! We'll look for a good (high) vantage point, and watch as the cities crumble, the tsunami washes the coast away, and/or whatever other disasters befall. Bring hiking boots, binoculars, and survival gear & supplies for 3 years.